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Theme Representation in Coherence

For this assignment, you will select a movie and identify the theme. (use Coherence (2015) as the movie for this paper. How does the director represent that theme? Include the following in your paper;
• Mise-En-Scene
• Cinematography
• Acting
• Editing
• Sound

English    MLA      6 Pages

The Effects of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme to the People of Hong Kong

Students are expected to critically evaluate the key concepts or arguments concerning that particular topic and case, with the assistance of assigned readings, lecture notes, information gathered as well as details of real world case(s). The paper can partly repeat the content of the presentations on that particular topic and case, but should further elaborate on various aspects with particular reference to additional reading and research materials. 

Nursing    APA      6 Pages

Cultural Encounters

Difference­-blind liberalism implies that justice is a matter of treating everyone equally, regardless of their cultural identity. But the rule and exemption approach involves treating members of cultural minorities differently. Hence, a difference­blind liberal will object that the rule and exemption approach is unjust. The arts Past and Present Book 3 Cultural Encounters p. 106.
Over the course of history, the movement of individuals and populations has been a common occurrence. There are instances where these movements were voluntary. In other instances, they were caused by necessity, due to economic hardship and/or wars. The issue of immigrants and refugees in today’s world (Syrian refugees in Germany is a good example to the student) is central and is a heated one. Societies, western and non­-western alike, seem divided over the issue. In the Western world, where most refugees seem to gravitate, the issue of refugees and migrants is often treated from the liberalism lens as these countries are professedly Lockean (after John Locke) in outlook. How does liberalism approach the issue of refugees/migrants and their reception/integration?
In the process of answering the TMA, you should make sure to include the below seven sub questions:
1) How does liberalism view humans and their rights?
2) Does liberalism justify discrimination? If yes, then on what grounds?
3) How does the “rule and exemption approach” approach the issue?
4) How does the “autonomy argument” approach the issue?
5) How does the “unequal impact argument” approach the issue?
6) How does the “argument by analogy” approach the issue?
7) How does the argument by Margalit and Raz approach the issue?
8) What is your reading of liberalism’s approach to the issue of refugees/migrants?
Guidance on Addressing the Topic:
Before you embark on writing the essay, you need to read carefully Book 3 Cultural Encounters (edited by Richard Donson Brown) Unit 3 in order to familiarize yourself with the topic at large and make use of the skills presented in the book when writing your essay. You are strongly advised to consult sources on the topic and widen your knowledge of the topic under consideration, but it is of the utmost importance to document any words or ideas that are not your own. Once you have the material ready, it is advisable that you follow the steps (1­8) indicated in the section above to avoid omitting sub-­questions. Although the topic is most relevant to Unit 3, you should
demonstrate your knowledge of the complexity of the concept of cultural encounters as presented in the all the units to draw lessons and examples from them if need be, and not model your treatment solely after a particular treatment appearing in a single unit.

Culture   Harvard      5 Pages

Women in the Progressive Era

Describe the roles of women in the progressive era and how their actions changed women roles in the 20th century. Use Chicago referencing style.

History   Chicago      7 Pages

The Concept of Criminal Typology

Answer the following two questions (10 points each): 

  1. Define the concept of criminal typology, including its four most basic elements.
  2. List and discuss the three general classes of crimes derived from legal- based typologies.

Criminology   APA      3 Pages

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Research: Circle of Jacques du Broecq

You will write a three-page double-spaced visual analysis of an object selected from the Metropolitant Museum of of Art.
To complete the assignment;
* Select an object you like. Spend some time looking at the works in the museum and select the one you enjoy looking at the most. Remember that you will need to conduct a visual analysis of that object in your paper.
* Pay close attention to what you are looking at. What material is it made from? Is its purpose purely decorative or utilitarian? Maybe it has another purpose? How big is it? Is it colorful? Take picture (no flash is allowed in the museum) and make sure you look at the work very carefully.
* Identify the movement or period to which your object belongs and use the museum website to learn more about it; You may use it as your secondary source, although try to search the internet and the La Guardia Library for other sources, if possible. Which period does it come from? Do we know who the artist was? What is the work’s cultural and historical significance? Remember, Wikipedia is not a reliable secondary source; it should be used only as a reference.

Art   Chicago      3 Pages

Creating Positive Peer Relationships in the Classroom

List 3 evidence-based intervention strategies designed to improve peer-to-peer relationships, and discuss how you can incorporate these strategies into your current or future classroom.

Education   MLA      2 Pages

Volkswagen Motor Company Improved Practice Indicators

For this assignment please select one or two companies that in the opinion of your group show that in the last three years they are examples of poor, good or improved practice. If it is practical and viable, you may also choose to do a comparative study where two organizations in one sector are used to demonstrate your analysis. In this case you are encouraged to address both good and bad practice. (Selected company is Volkswagen)

 Please then provide:
 a) a detailed analysis of the characteristics and events that underpin your views. Please support this viewpoint by using both company and external sources. (40%)
  b) your analysis of the lessons that can be learned and generally applied from the results of good or improving practices. (60%) And remember please that while you can use materials published by companies you should not rely on their unsupported assertions any more than you should rely on those of their critics. Your objective is to carry out a balanced and objective review. Suggested sources:
 o Company annual reports, publicity and web pages.
 o The Economist, Financial Times, on-line news services, company reports and websites, other business media

Business   Harvard      6 Pages