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Tax evasion by large multinational companies..


Question 1

a) You are a ‘hacktivist’ with the Jubilee group that exposes tax evasion by large multinational companies. You hack into the UK computer systems owned by the Lyons multinational company. You identify enough evidence to suggest that UK tax evasion has taken place by the company. As a result, you alter the website of the company to display the evidence on their homepage. In order to attempt to cover your tracks with regard to the hacking, you delete all the security logs in the system for that day.
With regards to the hacking, identify which Parliamentary Act in the United Kingdom applies to the scenario above and justify the importance of the Act chosen in your answer. Discuss how the Act would apply to this scenario. [9]

b) With regard to the scenario in Q1 a) analyse the scenario from a Deontological and Consequentialist ethical perspective. [6]

c) Explain the purpose of the UK Freedom of Information Act 2000, and in relation to this Act discuss what UK Public Authorities must do to comply with this Act. [10]

(25 marks)

Question 2

a) Discuss how the Equality Act 2010 relates to people in society in general and how it affects the services provided by business organisations. Illustrate your answers with examples drawn from business; and such as the adjustments to services provided by a typical Internet Café might be appropriate under the Act for customers with a disability. [5]

b) Wearable technology can be used to influence our lives in many ways. Explain what wearable technology is and discuss how it can influence our daily life. [7]

c) Discuss why we should study Computer Ethics. [4]

d) Explain the importance of professional ethics in the workplace and describe how the British Computer Society ‘code of conduct’ supports professionalism in IT work. [9]

(25 marks)
PART B – Mark your answer to all questions in Part B on this exam paper.

Mark your response to the following multiple choice questions by placing a cross (X) in the box that you feel denotes the correct answer. There is only one correct answer per question. If you make a mistake, completely fill the box (e.g.) and mark the correct box instead.


To ensure that your answers are not mislaid, please write your student number in the box below:



[2 marks for each question]

1. Green Computing describes environmental sustainability and the responsible use of IT resources. True or False?
o True
o False.

2. What does the acronym CBWRL stand for?
o Computer based work relational learning
o Computational based working related learning
o Campus based work related learning
o None of the above.

3. Application programming interface is the definition of a programming language, communication protocols and tools for building software. True or False?
o True
o False.

4. Crowdsourcing cannot be greatly enhanced via the power of social networks and the Internet. True or False?
o True
o False.

5. Fixed moral attitudes or customs of a particular group are known as:
o Ethical ideas
o Cultural values
o Ethical values
o Cultural laws.

6. What is the maximum fine that the ICO can issue for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act?
o £250,000
o £500,000
o £1 million
o £2 million.

7. What percentage of a company’s worldwide turnover is the maximum fine that can be issued for serious breaches of the EU General Data Protection Regulation?
o 3%
o 4%
o 7%
o 8%.

8. A structured and supported process that is undertaken by a learner to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement is known as:
o Personal Development Planning
o Personal Investment Planning
o Personal Inheritance Planning
o None of the above.

9. The other term for Problematic Internet use is Compulsive Internet use. True or False?
o True
o False.

10. What does the acronym SA stand for?
o Satirical Analyser
o System Analysis
o Sensation Analyser
o Sentiment Analysis.
11. What is the trusted government-backed symbol for energy efficiency?

12. By 2020, how many connected devices is each person expected to own and use?
o 2.72
o 3.45
o 4.86
o 6.58.

13. What does the WEEE initiative refer to?
o Waste Electrician and Electrical Elective
o Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
o Water Electrical and Electricity Equipment
o Water Electrician and Electronic Election.

14. To be renewable, an energy source must not be able to be replenished easily and quickly and have a finite limit. True or False?
o True
o False.

15. Energy that uses heat from the Earth’s core as an energy source is known as:
o Solar Power
o Geothermal Energy
o Hydroelectric Power
o Biofuels.

16. Rules that mandate or prohibit certain societal behaviour are known as:
o Ethics
o Laws
o Social Values
o None of the above.
17. What is the other term for Digital Amnesia?
o The Yahoo Effect
o The Bing Effect
o The Google Effect
o None of the above.

18. How many types of privacy are there?
o 3
o 4
o 5
o 6.

19. How many themes of Digital Citizenship are there?
o 7
o 9
o 13
o 5.

20. Which ethical theory advocates that there are no universal moral norms of right and wrong?
o Kantianism
o Utilitarianism
o Relativism
o Social Contract Theory.

21. Which section of the British Computer Society codes encourages their members to be mindful of public safety and the environment as well as the treating everyone with respect and dignity?
o Professional Competence and Integrity
o Public Interest
o Duty to Relevant Authority
o Duty to the Profession.

22. Which Industrial Revolution are we currently in?
o 3rd
o 4th
o 5th
o 6th.

23. Which problem is associated with Computer Vision Syndrome?
o Blurred vision
o Eyestrain
o Headache
o All of the above.

24. What does the acronym AITP stand for?
o Association of IT Professionals
o Association of IT Practitioners
o Association of IT Politicians
o None of the above.

25. For the 4th quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.32 billion active monthly users. True or False?
o True
o False.

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Tax evasion by large multinational companies.

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