Milestone 2 – Evaluation of an Alternative Opportunity

Your final project for this course is to prepare a financial analysis. This final project takes a close look at two corporations, Bayer and Monsanto. Bayer is considering a bid for United States seed company Monsanto (Snider, 2016). For purposes of this project, you will act as the Chief Financial Officer of Monsanto Corporation, analyzing financial […]

Common Illness Across a Life Span

Guidelines:Select a patient that you have encountered in your clinical practice with a chronic health problem.Interview the client/family members.Include the following informationSetting: Community clinic, Private practice, Skilled nursing facility, Home healthClinical information:• Chief complaint, HPI, PMH, PSH, FH, ROS, PE, Diagnostic Testing, Medical Decision Making,Diagnosis/Clinical Impression, Plan/Interventions, Recommendations, Education, Health promotionAsk your client/family members on […]

Strategic Management Plan Assignment

Important Note: When organizing/writing your strategic management plan, use professional APA formatting and also use the: Strategic Management Model found in the PowerPoint provided. You will formulate and document the individual components of a unique strategic management model culminating in a strategic management plan for your company. You may also use a fictional company if necessary. […]

Balancing School and Life – My Quality of Life Self-Care Plan

The purpose of developing this Plan is to set a framework and a plan to maintain wellness and to stay motivated and engaged throughout your Program. Doing this will help you achieve success during your coursework and as a professional nurse. The goal of the Project is to help you become self-aware and reflective as […]

Health History Form on a Family Member/Friend

Please complete the health history form on a family member/friend.Be aware that some of the history questions cover personal content, your client has the rightto withhold an answer if they do not feel comfortable with the amount of material being askedto divulge. Their rights to privacy must coexist with the goals of the learning experience.Submit […]

Writer’s Notebook: Practice Counterargument and Refutation Paragraphs

For this Writer’s Notebook, you will write two paragraphs, a counterargument and a refutation paragraph. You will use  “What’s a College Education Really Worth?” by Naomi Schaefer Riley as the counterargument. In other words, you will prove why she is wrong in your refutation paragraph. You will defend the thesis statement “The benefits of graduating from a four-year university […]

Operational Excellence Assignment

Discuss what a community of practice is regarding Information technology.   Why are they important and how can they impact the culture within an organization?

Nursing Image Assignment

Images can be both good and bad with each having associated attitudes and behaviors and consequences in terms care. Images can be changed by changing attitudes and behaviors. Prepare for this Live Classroom by listing different images of nurses. They can be positive and/or negative and come from many sources such as the media, people’s […]