Basic Med-Surge

Ms. J, a 19-year-old college student, has been living in a dormitory on campus. She began experiencing severe headaches, neck pain, and nuchal rigidity, along with irritability and nausea. She noticed that when lying with her hips flexed, she found it very hard to stretch out her legs. Within a day her condition deteriorated, she […]

Power Point Presentation on Alzheimer’s Disease

Assignment Topic :Power Point Presentation on Alzheimer’s Disease For this assignment you will create 12 slides Power point present with reference page. Also total of 20-minutes recording engaged in presentations of a common health problem related to a particular body system. You will be assigned both topics on which to focus your presentations by the end […]

Identification Of Issue Significant To Nursing Practice II

Capstone Project: Developing a Question Recall the components of PICOT from your research course: (P) Population of Focus (I) Intervention (C) Comparison (O) Outcome (T) Time Identify each of the components in relation to your approved Capstone Project topic. P: I: C: O: T: Then, develop a PICOT question/statement Examples of PICOT questions/statements: In adult […]

Nursing Care Plan Case Study, FGC, Ireland.

NUR 2243: Jeanine Porter is a 75-year-old Woman Who was Admitted to the Hospital: Nursing Care Plan Case Study, FGC, Ireland. Case Scenario Jeanine Porter is a 75-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital after she fell at home and sustained an intracapsular fracture of the left hip at the femoral neck. She is […]