Organizational Theory and Design

Note to students: You are encouraged to read the wflex course material (Units 3,4 and 5) as well as the power point slides before answering the questions. Question 1 Before the pandemic, you ran your restaurant business the traditional way of dine-in and occasional take-aways but all these has now changed. You now have dine-in […]

Project 2 HRM

Watch the Chance Dance Example video link. Pick 3 different verbs from the following list: Run Fall Turn Twist Reach Shake Explode Melt Jump Grow Set a timer for one minute and explore the first verb. Try to come up with a gesture that you can repeat. Go through this process for all 3 verbs, so you […]

Human Resource Management homework

Pick and read one of the following articles (see blue links below). These articles give more context for the world dance forms presented in our chapter reading and in the module prezi.  Find a video online that is a clear example of the dance form in your article. Post the video link in the thread […]